I had my first code challenge in a while from Codecademy. I’m pretty excited about this opportunity. I quickly opened the email from Codecademy, anticipating the chance to get to write some valuable code. They said that the code challenge should take a recommended 2–3 hours. Little did I know… I’d be spending about an entire week on it. Good thing I started early though.

I definitely was stressed out during parts of it. Overall though, I had quite a bit of fun. We just had to make a quiz using data that they prepared for us.

This was a toughie but I managed to pull through. I ran into a bug getting React to render properly, but I wasn’t able to solve it and I’ll just have to submit my code and really hope for the best.

I looked at the grading requirements and I should have a 3 on most of the requirements.

This post is a bit less technical and more of me ranting a bit about the code challenge. Hope y’all stay safe and sound!

Software Engineer